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GO 101

And then there's Go.

The best way to think about Go is to think about all the things that it doesn't have.

Go doesn’t have a virtual machine or an LLVM-based compiler.
Go doesn’t have exceptions.
Go doesn’t have user-defined implementation inheritance.
Go doesn’t have overloading for functions, methods, or operators.
Go doesn’t have immutables.
Go doesn’t have enumerations.
Go doesn’t have generics.

And Go hasn’t added any major features since Go 1 was released in 2012.

The one exciting thing that Go has is built-in concurrency support via goroutines, channels, and select.

However, it is based on ideas from CSP, communicating sequential processes, which was first described in 1978.

This doesn’t sound like a programming language from the 21st century, does it?

2020/07/05 14:24 · asuracharya

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2020/07/04 11:51 · asuracharya

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2020/07/04 11:13 · asuracharya

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